Art credits

On this page I'd like to take the opportunity to thank the visionary artist for creating their beautiful, inspiring art work. Take a moment to tune in and sense the healing and empowering vibes.

Shawn Hocking

Pages: Online MediaApp and Consciousness Hacking

Shawn Hocking is a Visionary Artist Based out of Hawaii. He is owner of Triple3 Designs, a forward thinking technology based design firm. Through Triple3 Designs he is able to do what he loves by being involved in music, art and technology. He had an awakening experience which has led him to an acceptance of a cosmic consciousness and ultimately the sense of a higher purpose through art and technology..

cameron GRaY

Pages: App Design, Content Creation

Cameron Gray, Australian digital artist, creates scenes of the human potential. His works portray a peek through the veil, asking us how can we be greater, live fuller and love deeper. From celestial visions to cosmic animations, Cameron is certainly a frontrunner in the digital art revolution. And with timing so divine, Cameron weaves together the dualistic aspects of light and dark, bringing them once again into a state of oneness.


Pages: Web Design 

Mugwort (Isaac Mills) is an emerging digital artist and designer embarking on unique explorations into the realms of visionary art. Using artistic expression as a vehicle for spiritual exploration, he believes that though art and imagination we can deepen our understanding of ourselves, our interconnectedness with all things, and inspire social change.


Pages: Yfke, Praise

Fernando Cruz is a Miami resident. His background is Graphic Design and Visual Communication. Graduated with 2 degrees in 1994 and has been doing it ever since. The past few of years he's become involved in Customization to cater the wallpaper enthusiast. His influence? Well, that's easy... Movies, music, games and the world around him. 


Pages: Soulvalley

Eduardo Peña is a Visual Development Artist; a dreamer who lives in Oniric Worlds And explores the sense of all things across the language of the expression.. 

I haven't been able to track the artists behind the images on the pages Lectures and this Art Credit page and I'm not aware of any copyright on them. If this beautiful art is yours or if  you know who created it, please let me know. So I can get in contact with him/her, ask their permission and help spread awareness of their beautiful work.